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W-Fuel presented at the Cancun Climate Summit

Co-ordinator and project leader Tiit Kallaste from SEI Tallinn office presented W-Fuel project and discussed about biogas developments at COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico Cancun, 6th of December 2010.


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Biogas – the future fuel

The CO2 emissions in a biogas-powered vehicle are, indeed, zero grams per kilometre. In Estonia, biogas is not yet used as transport fuel. In Finland, it has been taken to a small-scale use. However, good, well- working examples are not that hard to find: Sweden and Italy are the European forerunners in using biogas as transport fuel.

When tackling the climate change, regions that develop material efficiency, renewable clean transport fuel and high quality waste management gain competitive advantage. Therefore, the project provides means to develop industry and services related to waste management and renewable fuel in the case areas, as well as supports them in constructing new, self-sustaining systems in these sectors.

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